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Humanizing the Digital Interface

Ongoing Projects

A Delicate Agreement: Exploring Subtle Gaze-Triggered Interaction in Art
A Spatial Probability Model for Multi-Surface Environments
Add-Ons for Collaborative Surfaces
An Exploration of Terrain Visualization Techniques on an Interactive Tabletop
Awkward Embodiments: Proxemic Effects of Different Arm Avatars
Bridging Private and Shared Interaction Surfaces in Collocated Groupware
C4: A Creative-Coding API for Media, Interaction and Animation
Collaboration for Simulation-Based Training
Collaborative Diagramming for Ideation Sessions
Collaborative Multi-touch Software Visualization
Constructive Visualization
Creating a Playful Exploratory Search Environment for Alice Munro’s Literary Legacy
Data Analytics and Visualization for Large Oil and Gas Datasets
Data Set Discussion Tool - A Visualization Prototyping Tool to facilitate shared Understanding
Data Sketches
Designing for Disconnection in Synchronous Groupware
Designing Multi-Surface User Interfaces for Naval Planning and Decision Support Tools
Distributed Surface Applications on the Web
Encoding relations between visualization views
Engaging Institutionalized Older Adults Through Surface-Based Exergames
External Devices in Web-Based Distributed Surface Applications
Fast and Accurate Input Handling for Optical Surfaces
GAMS: A Game Framework for Multi-Surface Environments
Geographic Information System (GIS) Transmogrification Application Programming Interface (API) - (GIST-API)
Improving Awareness of Automated Actions using an Interactive Event Timeline
Improving Data Exploration and Decision-Making Involving Arctic Sea Ice Data
Inexpensive Full-coverage Displays for the Office and Home
Interacting with Microseismic Visualizations
Interactive Techniques Unifying Touch and Gesture On and Above a Digital Surface
Investigating Attraction and Engagement of Animation on Large Interactive Walls in Public Areas
JunctionBox: A Multi-touch Interaction Mapping Toolkit for Creating Musical Interfaces
Large Display Information Visualization in Public Spaces
Lifecycles of Diagrams and Sketches in Software Development
Machine Recognition of Touch Gestures and Emotion States via Fabric Pressure/Location Sensor
Measuring Embodiment in virtual environment
MSEAPI - An API For Multi-Surface Systems
OneSpace: Shared Depth-based Video Interaction
Player Balancing Techniques for Games
Promoting Cross-Generational Play during Remote Tabletop Gaming through Asymmetry
Proxemity-Based Universal Remote Controllers
Scrolling in Radiology Image Stacks: Multimodal Annotations and Diversifying Control Mobility
Skyhunter Exploration Project: Visualizing Microseeps and Geological Information with Digital Tabletops and Multisurface Computing
SoD Toolkit
Strip'Tic Augmented Paper Flight Strips
Supporting Handoff Above the Table
Supporting Transitions, Information Sharing, and Sensemaking Between Physicians
Surface-Based Games for Education and Exercise
Surfaces for Collaborative Security Analysis
Surfaces for Cyber-Security Awareness