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iOSRemoteConnector: An API for Making Remote Calls Between PCs and iOS Devices

This is a completed project.


The iOS Remote Connector is a Remote Call Framework for connecting iOS Devices to .NET Applications. It allows developers to quickly add iOS integration to their application in a simple yet powerful way. Because it’s a full remote call client, developers are able to trigger arbitrary code from both directions. This allows applications to be built in an event driven way.

The framework has built in support for transferring images, videos, and other compatible files between the device and the server. It also supports exceptions and error handling between the two platforms.

iOS Remote Connector has been used in a demo application already. The Media Surface project uses the framework to handle all of its integration with the iPhone and iPad. Further development is planned to stabilize the API as well as integrating it with additional research projects.

The Server and Client projects can be access from the code repository here