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Digitial Agile Card Walls

This is a completed project.

One of the supporting practices of agile software development is the use of a card wall, where work represented by story cards is displayed and tracked as it moves from identification and through development. The card wall is a common feature of agile team-rooms, and serves as a focus of attention during planning sessions, collaborative discussions, and both individual and team reflection.  This project is to explore new kinds of card walls enabled by surface technology. We are first conducting field studies of agile teams using paper cards and some computer-based approaches. We are then developing various prototype systems, and will evaluate their usability and their suitability for the demanding environments common in practice.

This project began with our custom-built multi-touch tables, and later prototypes moved to wal displays with PQ Labs touch frames using first Java and then Web-Based software frameworks.


Partner: Bedarra Research Labs


 Exploring a traditional card wall:

Card wall entry prototype (Gossage):


Card wall entry template (Gossage):

 Card wall distributition architecture (Wilson and Gossage):