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Building Infrastructure for Digital Surfaces

Ongoing Projects

A Development Framework for Peripheral Awareness
Agile Software Engineering for Cloud-Based Applications
C4: A Creative-Coding API for Media, Interaction and Animation
C4i - Applying Multi-surface Environments to Emergency Response Planning
Collaboration for Simulation-Based Training
Collaborative Diagramming for Ideation Sessions
Designing for Disconnection in Synchronous Groupware
External Devices in Web-Based Distributed Surface Applications
Gamification for Surface Tasks
GAMS: A Game Framework for Multi-Surface Environments
Geographic Information System (GIS) Transmogrification Application Programming Interface (API) - (GIST-API)
Improving Awareness of Automated Actions using an Interactive Event Timeline
Inexpensive Full-coverage Displays for the Office and Home
JunctionBox: A Multi-touch Interaction Mapping Toolkit for Creating Musical Interfaces
Maintaining Consistency with Timelines
MS Kinect Gesture & Voice Control for HRS PACS System in OR
Reference Architecture for Multi-Surface Environments
Scrolling in Radiology Image Stacks: Multimodal Annotations and Diversifying Control Mobility
Skyhunter Exploration Project: Visualizing Microseeps and Geological Information with Digital Tabletops and Multisurface Computing
Standards-Based Web Technologies for Real-Time Groupware
Supporting Handoff Above the Table
Tabletop Board Game Framework
The DiscoTech Toolkit
The Proximity Toolkit
The Simple Multi-Touch Toolkit (SMT)
The World as a Surface: Storing Digital Objects in Real-World Landmarks
TouchRAM - Part 3: Adding Multi-User Support
TouchRAM - Part 4: Concern-Orientation
Towards Supporting Interactive Sketch-Based Visualizations
Two-sided Transparent Displays
Ubiquitous Cursor: Direct Cursor Feedback for Multi-Display Environments
Using a Surface to Facilitate Game Orchestration
Using Synthesized Audio to Improve Workspace Awareness in Distributed Groupware
Web Architecture for Distributed Surface Applications

Completed Projects