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A Set of Multi-touch Graph Interaction Techniques



ASPECTS - ASsets Planning Employing Collaborative Tabletop Systems

An Evaluation of Coordinating Techniques for protecting Objects and Territories in Tabletop Groupware

Augmenting Tandem Language Learning with the TandemTable

Cutouts: Flexible Workspace Management For Tabletop Groupware

Demo of a "home-made" table

Digital Tables and Walls

EquisFTIR Input Toolkit for Optical Tabletops

Exploring Entities in Text with Descriptive Non-photorealistic Rendering

Game Sketching with Raptor

Game Sketching with Raptor

Improving Awareness of Automated Actions using an Interactive Event Timeline

Investigating Attraction and Engagement of Animation on Large Interactive Walls in Public Settings

Marquardt, N. and Greenberg, S. (2015) Proxemic Interactions: From Theory to Practice. (Series: Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics, John M. Carroll, Ed., Ed.) 199 pages Morgan-Claypool,

Multi-touch tabletop games

Navigation Techniques for Working With Off-Screen Content

Overcoming Interaction Barriers in Large Public Displays Using Personal Devices

PhysicsBox: Playful Educational Tabletop Games

Proxemic Interaction

Social Theories and ITS Workshop (SurfNet Annual Workshop, Oct 2014)

Supporting Sandtray Therapy on an Interactive Tabletop

SurfNet eBook - Designing Digital Surface Applications

Surface Ghosts: Promoting Awareness during Pick-and-Drop Transfer in Multi-Surface Environments

TNT: Improved Rotation and Translation of Digital Tables

Tabletop Coordination: The Effect of Interaction Techniques on Group Activities

Tabletop Military Simulation

The Continuous Interaction Space: Integrating Gestures Above a Surface with Direct Touch

The Proximity Toolkit and ViconFace

TouchRAM - A Multi-Touch Enabled Aspect-Oriented Modelling Tool

TouchRAM - Reusing Software Design Models

TouchRAM - Teaser Trailer for MODELS 2013 Tool Demo Presentation

Using Multiple Kinects to Build Larger Multi-Surface Environments

What Caused That Touch