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Large Display Information Visualization in Public Spaces

This is an ongoing project.


Recent trends show an increasing prevalence of large interactive displays in public urban life. For example, mu-seums, libraries, public plazas, or architectural facades take advantage of interactive technologies that present information in a highly visual and interactive way. Studies confirm the potential of large interactive display installa-tions for educating, entertaining, and providing evocative experiences. This workshop will provide a platform for researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to exchange insights on current research questions in the area. The workshop will focus on how to design large interactive display installations that promote engaging experiences that go beyond playful interaction, and how to evaluate their impact. The goal is to cross-fertilize in-sights from different disciplines, establish a more general understanding of large interactive displays in public urban contexts, and to develop an agenda for future research directions in this area.


Images and Video

memory encode in an art gallery
EMDialog in a museum setting.
Aquarium study.