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Surfaces for Collaborative Security Analysis

This is an ongoing project.

Security analysis is challenging work that attempts to develop knowledge from uncertain data. The data can be diverse and can vary in terms of source, size, reputability, relevance. Despite these challenges, however, the security of some systems is worth the vigilance, both in reviewing the past and exploring the future. This kind of work is increasingly becoming systematized and leveraging science to improve the quality of the results. In particular, it is now seen and important to have small but diverse teams of collaborating analysts working together using established techniques. These new approaches are increasingly used in system administration, business intelligence, and other fields with similar challenges. Our project is to explore how surface technologies can help. We are studying both practices and tools, conducting field studies of real professionals at work in this environment, building prototype surface tools to help, and evaluation their impact.

Partner: Government of Canada Ministry of National Defence

ACHW – Our Tool for Analysis of Competing Hypotheses Analysis:

ACHW on mobile 46" TV with PQ  Labs Touch Frame: