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Strip'Tic Augmented Paper Flight Strips

This is an ongoing project.


In modern air traffic control centres, paper flight strips continue to be used by air traffic controllers because they provide a tangible interface that aids in the visu- alization of the aircraft under their control. Flight strips allow easy collaboration and sharing of duties and provide an efficient means of recording communication between pilots and air traffic controllers. However, as the flight strips are mere paper artifacts, the information they contain cannot be leveraged to assist air traffic controllers perform more efficiently and more importantly, more safely. For example, with a paper based system, it is impossible to alert an air traffic controller if a plane is given clearance to descend to a level before that level has been vacated or to warn the air traffic controller if an aircraft overshoots its assigned flight level.

We have developed a prototype system that combines multi-touch, anoto-pen and augmented reality. We have used this system to investigate how combining tactile objects with multi-touch and pen technologies provides new possibilities for interaction and provide sguidelines for combining these technologies.