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GIS Based Oil and Gas Pipeline Planning Tools

This is a completed project.

In collaboration with Facet Decision Systems, our goal in this project was to build a system that supports the collaboration and interaction among the different stakeholders when doing oil and gas pipeline planning. Pipeline planning includes a number of activities such as environmental impact analysis, growth and impact modeling, community engagement and many other.

Through the system, meetings that typically involve anywhere between 25 to 50 stakeholders will be supported using a range of technologies such as vertical displays, tabletops, iPads and iPhones.

Attendees is able to:

Interact with the map of interest and apply the different visualizations using their own devices.

Synchronously provide input by adding their own annotations to the map using their portable devices. Upon request, such annotations will take effect on the central screen.

Respond to surveys or polls using their portable devices. The responses are collected and analyzed in a central server. Upon request, the results can be displayed on the central screen.

Interact and communicate in a peer-to-peer fashion so that – when needed – only a subset of attendees can have access to the restricted communication.

Asynchronous communication will also be supported – especially for interested individuals who are not in the same room to enable them to provide comments, images, and response to surveys when needed.

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