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GeoSearch: A Custom Search Engine for the Oil & Gas Industry

This is a completed project.



During a four-month project with our sponsoring company, we studied and discovered requirements from companies in Alberta’s petroleum industry. Our methodology included two rounds of interviews with people from industry.

Based on the requirements elicited during the first round of interviews, we developed a web based prototype that works both on a Apple IPad and a desktop computer. The prototype demos functionality for exploring and searching proprietary assets (e.g well files and technical reports) and their visualization on the map.

In the second round of the interviews we used discount usability methods to evaluate the prototype and identify usability issues. We also used the prototype to elicit further requirements. We found that in spite of a few usability issues, the prototype was usable and the interviewees would use the product. We also identified business objectives and developed a vision for IT services of the petroleum industry for our partner.



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