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JunctionBox: A Multi-touch Interaction Mapping Toolkit for Creating Musical Interfaces

This is an ongoing project.


Multi-touch input has become a common way for people to interact with computers. The ubiquity of multi-touch devices of all kinds from phones in every pocket to tablets and even larger surfaces means that multi-touch is going to be almost everywhere. With this kind of ubiquity, it is natural that people will want to use multi-touch devices to make music. In order for these devices to work well in a musical context, people need access to the right software tools.

JunctionBox is a creative coding toolkit for mapping multi-touch input to control of music. With JunctionBox, composers, musicians, and programmers can build interfaces that combine multi-touch and mapping for use in a wide variety of musical contexts. As a toolkit, JunctionBox features multi-touch input tracking, mapping of input to output via messaging, output for graphical feedback, and flexible networking options. All of these features are designed such that they can be used in any combination, allowing for tremendous creative freedom in building interfaces.


JunctionBox allows developers to build interfaces for TUIO-based touch tables and Android mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Multi-touch interactions on those devices can then be mapped to control audio engines via Open Sound Control (OSC) messaging. JunctionBox is designed to work with audio engines like ChucK, PureData, and SuperCollider.





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