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ASPECTS - ASsets Planning Employing Collaborative Tabletop Systems

Date: 2013-08-07

ASPECTS is an interactive tabletop software prototype developed by the Collaborative Systems Laboratory at the University of Waterloo, in conjunction with Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC) – Atlantic (Halifax, NS), and Gallium Visual Systems (Ottawa, ON). ASPECTS is the first step in the ongoing development of an experimental platform for investigating the use of tabletop interfaces to support planning and decision-making over dynamic, geospatial data in complex task domains, such as defence and security. ASPECTS users can view, manipulate, and share dynamically updated map-based information in a windowing environment optimized for tabletop systems. The system provides the ability to easily rotate, move, and resize windows, as well as access system menus from anywhere around the table. ASPECTS is designed to run on a Anoto digital pen tabletop hardware platform, that provides unique user tracking, enabling interface tailoring for role-based interactions or security-level enforcement. The main project contact is Dr. Stacey Scott at the University of Waterloo.