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Surface Computing Support for Software Maintenance

This is an ongoing project.


This project is investigating surface computing techniques and interactive algorithms to support software maintenance. Preliminary work is investigating techniques for supporting clone detection. Cloning is a common phenomenon found in almost all kinds of software systems. The larger the system, the more people involved in its development and the more parts developed by different teams results in an increased possibility of having evolving clone code. Several studies suggest that as much as 20-30% of large software systems consist of cloned code. The presence of clones may lead to unresolved bug and/or maintenance related problems by increasing the risk of update anomalies. Clone detector results can be better understood with tools that support visualization and facilitate in-depth analysis.



  • Kevin Schneider (Co-Supervisor)
  • Chanchal Roy (Co-Supervisor)
  • Muhammad Asaduzzaman (MSc Student, PhD Student)
  • Ripon Saha (MSc Student)
  • Sharif Uddin (MSc Student)
  • Asif Khan (MSc Student)
  • Avigit Saha (MSc Student)
  • Shamima Yeasmin (MSc Student)


  • VisCad
  • gCad
  • simCad