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Testing of Web Mapping Applications

This is a completed project.


With the increase in use of geospatial information for decision-making, Geographic Information Systems are becoming important in everyday life. With the introduction of cloud computing, Service-Oriented Architecture and Web 2.0, web mapping applications that handle spatial data and geographic information on the Internet are rapidly evolving. Testing is an important part of software development. Previous studies have shown that early defect detection lowers the cost correction measures needed to fix faulty software after it has entered the market. Since the software industry is placing an increasing emphasis on quality, testing is also playing an important role in providing a guarantee for software quality. However, the results of empirical studies about agile testing and functional testing of web mapping applications have indicated that research community is not paying sufficient attention towards testing of these applications. The testing of web mapping applications comes with challenges of testing web systems and complexities of geospatial domain.

Three main research questions are identified:

  • What are the errors that are frequently encountered when developing web mapping applications?
  • How is the testing of web mapping application different from testing of other web applications?
  • How can we efficiently test web mapping applications?

Research Goals

  • Conduct qualitative analysis to gather more information about current practices and the problems encountered in industry for testing of Web mapping applications
  • Provide detailed recommendations for efficient testing of Web mapping applications
  • Develop a unit testing framework for open source Javascript mapping library – OpenLayers



Testing Framework