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MovemenTable: The Design of Moving Interactive Tabletops

This is an ongoing project.

MovemenTable (MT) is an exploration of moving interactive tabletops which can physically move, gather together or depart according to people’s dynamically varying interaction tasks and collaborative needs. The current project presents the design and implementation of a set of MT prototypes and discusses a technique that allows MT to augment its visual content in order to provide motion cues to users. We outlined a set of interaction scenarios using single and multiple MTs in public, social and collaborative settings and discussed four user studies based on these scenarios, assessing how people perceive MT movements, how these movements affect their interaction, and how synchronized movements of multiple MTs impacts people’s collaborative interactions. Our findings confirm that MT’s augmentation of its visual content was helpful in providing motion cues to users, and that MT’s movement had significant effects on people’s spatial behaviors during interaction, effects that peaked in collaborative scenarios with multiple MTs.


Kazuki Takashima1, Yusuke Asari1 , Hitomi Yokoyama2, Ehud Sharlin3 , Yoshifumi Kitamura1

1 Research Institute of Electrical Commnication, Tohoku University, Katahira, Aobaku, Sendai, 9808577, Japan

2 Institute of Enginnering, Tokyo Univeristy of Agriculture and Technology, Koganei, Tokyo, 1848577, Japan


3 Department of Computer Science, University of Calgary