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Automated Acceptance Testing of Surface Applications

This is a completed project.


Automated acceptance tests provide software project stakeholders with a tool to verify that features in a piece of software are working as an end-user would expect it to. Two problems with automated acceptance tests are that they can be tedious and time-consuming to author and that the acceptance conditions must be correctly communicated to and interpreted by the author of the software and the author of the test.

We present an approach that addresses these problems by allowing stakeholders to create a simple mockup of the expected user interface and then interact with the mockup to specify the expected behaviour of the completed system. Acceptance tests for the implementation language and platform can then be generated based on the interactions with the mockup. We present an implementation of our approach that we used to mockup and generate tests for two touch-based web games.



  • Dr. Kevin Schneider (Supervisor)
  • David Noete (MSc Student)