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eFarmer: Utilizing Digital Tabletops in the High Process of High Precision Farming

This is a completed project.


This project examined ways in which a digital tabletop could be used as a management tool for precision farming. Specifically, we looked at improving collaboration between Decisive Farming and their clients.  The primary service that Decisive Farming provides is precision farming. Precision farming techniques integrate a broad range of data about a given piece of farmland, such as soil fertility, local weather trends and crop pricing. With this information, a farmer can then make informed decisions and plan seed varieties, crop mixtures, and harvest windows for optimum yield. The result of the project was a digital tabletop/tablet application that replaces older paper- and web-based approaches which involved multiple web forms and extensive email communication. With this application, farmers are now able to collaborate more directly with Decisive Farming (using a large digital surface) and see the planning process in a more intuitive format.

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Partner – Decisive Farming